Table 1

The Major Time Periods of Anna's Life History

Major Verifiable Events
Birth- 6yr-8mo St.Louis.Mo

Third born, older brother and sister: birth of younger brother and sister; occurances of sexual abuse (undetected at the time): 2 1/2- 3 by male relative, age 3 1/2- 4 by male babysitter: intense crying and screaming begins; first psychiatric evaluation diagnoses no problem; nursery school and kindergarten; withdrawl begins.
6yr 8mo-10yr-8mo
Ridgewood, NJ
Move to NY suburb; public school grades 1 through 4; mother returns to school; parents estrangement; withdrawl continues.

10yr 8mo-13yr 6mo
Sussex County, NJ
Move to country communal "free school" environments; pronounced withdrawl continues; more sexual abuse occurances (undetected at this time): by older male students and by adult male living on grounds of school; introduction to and use of drugs; parents' separation; disintegration of communal school; public school 6,7th grades; both parents absent from home 4 to 5 days a week; overt sysmptoms begin.
13yr 6mo-14yr 8mo
Rumson, NJ
Move to seacoast suburb with mother and 4 brothers and sisters; mother begins working; active hostility between parents; parents' divorce; Father's remarriage; Anna intense disruptive acting-out; "brain-bio" treatment; outpatient psychiatric treatment; special education tutor; counseling and "family network" intervention; completion of 8th grade; decision made for Anna to live with relatives.
14yr 8mo-18yr 2mo
St Louis, Mo
Moved to live with Aunt, Uncle on father's side of family in Mid-West: formal psychiatric treatment including medication begins; moved to live with father and second wife in East then moved with them to extended family location in the mid-west; Special Scool District programs to completion of 11th grade; wins awards for track; three psychiatric hospitalizations; insulin and shock treatments; legal intervention by aunts on mother's side of family to halt treatment; Anna discharged; not allowed to return to father's home.
18yr 2mo-21yr 10mo
SF,CA & Oregon
Moved to West Coast to live communally with aunt, family and various friends; went to art classes; participated in running marathons; expelled from house for acting out; lived with friends on streets; rapeds; prostituded for shelter; first account of hearing voices; multiple hospitalizations for acute psychosis; first account of suicide attempt; went to Oregon for sister's wedding; first state hospitalization; discharge into Oregon public mental health system residential fascilities.