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The Anna Institute is dedicated to the celebration of Anna Caroline Jennings' life through exhibiting her incredible art work as well as using her life experience to educate others on the epidemic of childhood sexual abuse and its horrific effects on the individual and society.

My association with Anna's mother Ann Jennings, first as a friend and later in life as a partner, brought me close to Anna's turmoil and the ongoing struggle to come to grips with "what was wrong." Ann is now Dr. Ann Jennings and works professionally in the field of sex abuse trauma prevention and recovery. Over the years I to have been involved with advocacy and counseling for the victims of childhood sexual abuse. This website is one way for the institute to reach out to the uninformed as well as to the victims, families and providers of services. Hopefully together we can first, help to bring the issue of child sexual abuse fully "out of the closet" and into public consciousness, second, separate myth from fact , and third, through research and input from others, communicate ways and methods that are effective in treating the anguish of those who are and have been victims. Your ideas and perceptions are always appreciated.--------Gary Wheeler